Uh, I guess it's been a really long time since I posted...

I have photos, but they'll have to wait for an upcoming post(s). I went to Japan. The quilts gave me chills! But... I think the Japanese quilt aesthetic has changed and it no longer resonates with me the way it used to. Of course style and trends evolve and yet I was completely surprised to walk through the market and just not connect with a lot of the vendors. The quilts displayed in the show were still absolutely amazing and inspiring. I had fun catching up with a friend from grad school and exploring the city... but it just wasn't one of those magical trips. It was fine and it was interesting and it helped me reclaim Japan as my own... and yet, I can't see myself returning to Tokyo anytime soon.

After Tokyo, I went to Seoul for a couple of days and it was pretty darn cool! It was my first time to Korea and it was great. Everything just seemed cheaper and slightly more chill in Seoul.  Since I speak no Korean, it kind of took the pressure off - it's not like in Japan where I'm trying to rack my brain to remember the Japanese I used to know. It was easy to get around and the food was delicious! Even the airline food on my Korean Air flight from Tokyo to Seoul was good.

In the past few months, I've been English paper piecing and doing some charity quilting... and then last week, my place flooded again and I'm once again semi-homeless and separated from my sewing machine. It's a bummer and a hassle and it just sucks on a lot of different levels, but I've got some exciting Australian quilting coming up in the next few months! And I promise more photos in upcoming posts because this has been just way too much talking and not enough fun pictures :)